Progecta - Automation and control systems

Areas of intervention


Processing and manufacturing industry

Progecta implements automation and control systems for machinery and processing lines in the manufacturing sector. Solutions use control hardware such as PLC, PAC, RTU, etc., handling devices such as motors, drives and robots and devices for the operator PC interface, thin client and control boards. DETAILS >

Installazioni civili e terziario Building automation  

Civil and tertiary installations - building automation

Progecta designs and implements automation systems for large public and private buildings. These systems use integrated management in all technological plant including: electrical plant and internal and external lighting, heating and cooling systems, HVAC plant (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)...

Infrastrutture Utenze e impianti pubblici  

Infrastructure: Utilities and Public plants

Progecta implements supervision and control systems for public utility plants and the management of utilities. Public organizations and companies that offer public services come to Progecta to identify the best technology available on the market for infrastructure design and implementation of control systems and remote management.

Generazione e distribuzione di energia elettrica  

Electrical energy generation and distribution

Progecta implements supervision and control systems which are aimed at managing power stations that produce electrical energy, HV/MV/LV transforming substations, distribution substations and EPMS systems (Energy Power Management System) to control electrical loads.


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