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Infrastrutture Utenze e impianti pubblici


Infrastructure, utilities and public plants

Progecta implements supervision and control systems for public utility plants and management of utilities. Public organizations and companies that offer public services come to Progecta to identify the best technology available on the market for infrastructure design and implementation of control systems and remote management. Progecta is able to help the organization or client company to implement the control system, defining the architecture and implementing a suitable solution which is tailor made to meet the specific usage needs.

Progecta’s experience in this field allows the designers to anticipate classic post implementation problems thanks to choosing the right type of equipment and the appropriate size of the plant, as well as including control software which is able to identify breakdowns or dangerous situations; this allows the plant to be kept in perfect working order, safeguarding the initial investment.

These solutions are essential to avoid onerous interventions post implementation, above all on plant which is spread across several sites and often not controlled constantly, for example: tunnels, electrical energy distribution plant, lighting and communications plant, smoke and fire detectors, emergency and assistance posts, utility meters, weather stations, water potabilization and desalination plants, civil and industrial waste water treatment plants, water softening plants, reverse osmosis and ultrapure water treatment plants.


  • Tunnels and road networks
  • Water treatment (Water/waste water)
  • Utilities management (car parks, silos, ports, airports)

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